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Frequently asked questions

Who can purchase cannabis?

A person who is at least 19 years of age, and brings two pieces of ID. 1. The first ID must be Government Issued and Display a photo, signature and date of Birth. 2. The second must include name, photo and/or signature

I can’t find a specific strain. Do you carry it?

As a fully licensed cannabis store, we are able to order products available through provincial wholesale distribution. The selection and availability may change due to a variety of factors (e.g. limited supply, new product launches, inclusion of recently-approved suppliers), which may impact our store offering.

How does cannabis priceing work?

We aim to offer a variety of price points and size options to suit any budget. The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) is the sole wholesale distributor of legal recreational cannabis, and purchases exclusively from government-approved suppliers. Our retail prices are based on standardized wholesale pricing and fee from the BCLDB, which all legal cannabis retailers must order from.

How does your cannabis packaging work? (Our Recycling Program)

Cannabis products now arrive at our locations in designated amounts and sealed packaging, with an Excise Stamp. The goal of the packaging regulations is to protect the consumer, and with cannabis being a controlled substance, there’s a specific focus on promoting responsible use and protecting minors. All packaging is recyclable, however, and can be dropped off at a Buddy's Place location or other Terracycle program participants.

What forms of cannabis can I purchase?

The Federal Cannabis Act legalizes cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, and oil products, and plants and seeds for cultivation. Currently, it is not legal to sell or purchase edible products and concentrates but these types of items will be emerging from the market very soon!

What about Medical Cannabis?

Patients authorized by their health care provider are still able to access cannabis for medical purposes by:

  • Buying directly from a federally licensed seller
  • Registering with Health Canada to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes
In short, the Medical Cannabis platform will be Online, via mail order. Cannabis is recognized as a therapeutic treatment option in Canada, and can be authorized by certain types of Healthcare providers. However there will no longer be storefronts retailing Medical Cannabis at this time. In fact, as a Recreational store, we’re restricted from giving any medical advice.

How much cannabis am I allowed to carry?

Federal legislation allows that individuals can possess up to 30 grams of legal dried cannabis, or its equivalent in other forms. Therefor, 30 grams or equivalent is what you may purchase in a single transaction.

Can I return opened products?

According to provincial regulation around cannabis sales, all cannabis purchases are considered final sales, except when the product is damaged/defective (expired, mouldy, or damaged in transit) or if recalled.

Where can I consume cannabis?

Laws vary by province, but typically public consumption is prohibited wherever tobacco consumption is prohibited. Some provinces have imposed additional restrictions, and it’s your responsibility to abide these laws. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and respect.

Where's your online store?

As a legal recreational store we are prohibited from selling or promoting cannabis goods online at this time.