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About us

The Buddys are a grassroots-group of individuals united by our passion for cannabis and the liberated unfolding of it's industry.

Our employees stem from all areas of Cannabis expertise which creates a thoughtful and personalized atmosphere . We welcome the new paradigm of Cannabis retail, which is vibrant, inclusive, and transparent.  This means ongoing education within all levels of our company, to know that we're generating the most distinctive products and information available. 

Our guarantee is that all Cannabis products are unadulterated, routinely lab tested, and produced by legal, legitimate sources. 

In order to procure an abundant selection, we carefully select cultivars, which are High Quality, Cannabinoid rich, and diverse.

Other factors in our stock selection include harvest date, pest control & contaminant management practices, Organic-only nutrients use, location of cultivation, growth light type, and more. Our intention is to bring the best in the Biz. 

Right in the heart of it; we pay homage to the rich history of Cannabis Culture in British Columbia by creating a cozy and immersive space where you can shop, learn, share, and be yourself!


As new products emerge the recreational market, each item has been expertly screened for potency, freshness and useability, and we look forward to sharing them with you!

Buddy's is a pet friendly place.  19+

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